April is shaping up to be an exciting month.

Zohaib Lataif

We are going into The Tone Factory to record a full band recording of Fremont Street and shoot a video for the song.

While doing real estate videos over the last couple of years I have made friends with a very talented director from Pakistan. I have used a web service called odesk that allows you to hire virtual workers from all over the world. I met Zohaib in 2012 and we have become good friends. He is going to be in the states for a couple of weeks in April.

Since he is going to be here, we have the opportunity to work together in person instead of just Dropbox. We are going to document the recording, shoot a video for the tune and some bonus items during his stay. The players are also set as well. We will have Trevor Johnson on lead, Rahmaan Mansta on Viola, Steve Bonacci on bass and for the first time on drums, Rob Whited.

The other exciting thing is we will be bringing Las Vegas performer and producer, Ken Osborne to lend his keen americana, sensible ear to production. Between Vinnie Castaldo and Hugo Castillo from The Tone Factory and Ken, we should come out with a great track. Combined with Zohaib’s vision for our video, which will be shot with a Canon Mark III completely in RAW, we will have something pretty special.

Secondly, we will be shooting the video that we won from the No Harm Done fundraiser for Safe Nest last year. We will be shooting the video with Las Vegas production company, SMP Vegas. In January, me, Trevor and Rahmaan went and recorded “Find My Way” in Austin with famed Americana producer Gurf Morlix. We are very excited to let everyone hear that track but we are holding off on the release until we have the video finished.

The short term goal is to release a full length, double EP, titled “Lost. Vegas. Hiway.” by mid summer. The concept is a 6 song EP that tell the stories of 6 random guests staying in a low rate motel in old downtown Vegas. The second half of the EP will be another 5 or so tunes that will paint a picture of the open road and the heartaches that come with the miles.

I see a kickstarter program in the future for us to help get these songs beyond the Las Vegas valley and show the world what we’ve got cooking here in Sin City. Shows will be sparse until we finish the CD but keep an ear out because we’re going to need warm bodies for the video shoot for the band performance on 4-12…..