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I’m looking forward  to summer. We are hoping in to be back in the studio by my 43rd bday on July 7. I’ve been trying to add some polish on the weaker lines of the remaining 10-12 tunes. I’m planning on 10-14 tunes to be on the forth coming double EP tentatively titled “Lost Vegas Hiways “.  My friend Tom Meny said isn’t that an album? Yes but but remember those cool double albums as a kid that you’d lie on the floor with the headphones and listen to over and over? That’s what I have in mind. A big mixed bag of tunes that will bounce from rock to country to bluesy and places in between, yet tied together by a common thread of their stories. I am also aware that “Hiways” is spelled wrong. At least I am now. I think that is an accepted way to spell it in some of the circles that I run in though. Hiways has a real meaning to me. It was the first song I wrote when I was 10 years old. I recorded the song on a cassette tape and gave it to my friend Jimmy Cliff. The following day I said, “So what did you think?  Jimmy said, ” I couldn’t understand any of the words.” I thought awesome, like a real song.  Here are the words to the song I made up in 4th grade.

I saw you going down the hiway with a man in your passenger seat

The first offer is in when you get home would you like a lemon drink

The second offer is would you like to go to bed the third offer is yes I would

The fourth offer is we’ll get some coffee in the mornin

As you can see I had things figured out at an early age. Drinking, sex and coffee. Since an early age, my songs have seemed to have some kind of,  being on the road thing.  Not only that, I get inspired to write on long road trips or simply driving. Girl’s Got Gold and Sky Is Blue were both written, for the most part, pulled over on the side of the road. You just never know when the inspiration will hit you.

The double EP will feature 2 discs of 6-7  tunes each.The first set of tunes take place in a seedy motel. These tunes first came to me after I had a convicted con man looking at 2 million dollar homes. Not sure what his end game was but more importantly I was so enamored with his ability to lie about being an ex pro baseball player, playing overseas and just about everything else that out of his mouth. The only truth he may have told me was he really liked The Eagles. I thought about him in his motel room coming up with scams and I thought this man needs a song. Then I figured why not write tunes about more people in the motel and the stories they may have. This is where this started. The second set of songs will be tunes about lost loves and of course songs about the lonely side of life that the highway brings.

Two of the tunes are done already. Fremont Street which was recorded on April Fools Day and Find My Way which we recorded with Americana legend Gurf Morlix in Austin in January. We also have all of the filming done for the Fremont Street video. The filming for Find My Way will be shot next month with SMP Vegas with the 25,000 music video I won last year from the No Harm Done project. We have some nice things all in place and I think we can can make a real splash with these tunes. I’d rather skip the kickstarter route to raise funds and rather fund this entirely myself. Then I can just hound you to buy CD instead!

All I need are 2.

Rather I could take just sell a couple of homes from referrals of friends. This will be 2 deals from friends that, likely wouldn’t of happened, because you wouldn’t of been thinking about it. I’m asking now. Give me a referral. This is what I’ll return for the favor.

Sellers I’ll list your home for 2% on listing side compared to the standard 3%. Example, a 200,000 house sales price would save your friend 2,000. I know someone out there, know’s someone who is looking to sell.

Now if you know someone who is looking to buy either new or resale I can help. I will contribute 1% of  my commission to their closing costs. Imagine a buyer purchasing a 250,000 home, that could save them $2,500 in real money! Plus either one of these scenarios will save your friend money and help me put together the funds to record and promote this CD. Have your friends call me at 702-510-9625 and I’ll take good care of them! Thank you in advance for helping bring this dream to reality! Two of these deals would basically fund the project. No money from friends and you help multiple people in the process.

So who do you know that can help bring these remaining tunes to life?



April is looking exciting

April is shaping up to be an exciting month.

Zohaib Lataif

We are going into The Tone Factory to record a full band recording of Fremont Street and shoot a video for the song.

While doing real estate videos over the last couple of years I have made friends with a very talented director from Pakistan. I have used a web service called odesk that allows you to hire virtual workers from all over the world. I met Zohaib in 2012 and we have become good friends. He is going to be in the states for a couple of weeks in April.

Since he is going to be here, we have the opportunity to work together in person instead of just Dropbox. We are going to document the recording, shoot a video for the tune and some bonus items during his stay. The players are also set as well. We will have Trevor Johnson on lead, Rahmaan Mansta on Viola, Steve Bonacci on bass and for the first time on drums, Rob Whited.

The other exciting thing is we will be bringing Las Vegas performer and producer, Ken Osborne to lend his keen americana, sensible ear to production. Between Vinnie Castaldo and Hugo Castillo from The Tone Factory and Ken, we should come out with a great track. Combined with Zohaib’s vision for our video, which will be shot with a Canon Mark III completely in RAW, we will have something pretty special.

Secondly, we will be shooting the video that we won from the No Harm Done fundraiser for Safe Nest last year. We will be shooting the video with Las Vegas production company, SMP Vegas. In January, me, Trevor and Rahmaan went and recorded “Find My Way” in Austin with famed Americana producer Gurf Morlix. We are very excited to let everyone hear that track but we are holding off on the release until we have the video finished.

The short term goal is to release a full length, double EP, titled “Lost. Vegas. Hiway.” by mid summer. The concept is a 6 song EP that tell the stories of 6 random guests staying in a low rate motel in old downtown Vegas. The second half of the EP will be another 5 or so tunes that will paint a picture of the open road and the heartaches that come with the miles.

I see a kickstarter program in the future for us to help get these songs beyond the Las Vegas valley and show the world what we’ve got cooking here in Sin City. Shows will be sparse until we finish the CD but keep an ear out because we’re going to need warm bodies for the video shoot for the band performance on 4-12…..

No Harm Done

Check out the No Harm Done website

Order the compilation CD to help raise money for Safe Nest Click Here.

Very thrilled to be part of a brand new project to benefit Safe Nest here in Las Vegas which helps battered woman and children who have been affected by domestic violence. SafeNest.org site states that their goal is:

” Our goal is to assist families from crisis to healing, while empowering victims toward self-sufficiency in violence-free lives. Safe Nest provides services for victims, batterers and their children. Prevention programs focus on children, teens, and young adults.”

My friend Jefferson Montoya has done this benefit successfully in Salt Lake City and now has brought it to Las Vegas.

So this benefit is going to feature 15 local artists adding a tune each to the 15 song compilation that will feature a mixed bag from Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, Singer Songwriter, Americana, Country and Classical. All of the songs will touch on the subject of domestic abuse, whether it is direct, indirect and getting better.

I will be using my tune, “Find My Way”, which is story about a five minute window of a prostitute’s life in a seedy hotel. The song was written prior to any idea of this project. It was inspired by a picture of a young woman in Portland where the police did a series of before and after shots of meth users. The picture of this woman really struck a chord with me. I don’t know a thing about her but just wrote the tune with a common story that’s likely among people who have had likely suffered along the way. I will be doing a little rewrite on the song specifically for this CD and rerecord the vocals.

So the Cd’s are for sale on a preorder basis right for 10 bucks each. All of this will benefit Safe Nest 100% after any production costs. You can order the CD below.

Order your copy of the No Harm Done Vegas 2013 Compilation featuring Jeff Mix!

There will also be a large benefit concert featuring seven of the 15 artists on the CD. This is where i need some help. Sales will be part of the formula on who get’s to be in the seven that get to perform. So I need to move some sales here because I would love to perform in front 500+ people at once! If I don’t get in, we still raised money for a great cause because as Jefferson likes to put it, Domestic Abuse Sucks.

We will also be selling tickets for the benefit concert that will take place on 10-26-2013 at a venue TBD. We’ll concentrate on that later!

Here’s a list of the artists who will be on the compilation:

The All-Togethers, Sara Thiele, Stevenson Brooks, The Dirty Panties,  Heavy Honey, Hopes Edge, Love Hate Away, Marissa Johnson, Megan Barker, Nathan Henry, Pet Tigers, Rush and Roulette, Sarah Patterson, Viridian and yours truly.

Order the compilation CD to help raise money for Safe Nest Click Here.


Whats the plan?

Welcome to my first post for those would like to know what the hell is happening.

Twitter is just 140 characters and Facebook gets annoying. So in order to say enough and not in the wrong place I thought I’d start a blog.

It’s a little refreshing, because as a real estate agent, blogs are for getting business. This is for me and not much more. Music is for me. I have loved music my entire life and it’s taken 40+ years to wake up. So to operate from a place that’s true, this is good.

I’ve got a plan.

I want to play music. I want to be good at music. I want to write good and honest songs. I want to play them to people who will like them and to people who will like me. I will die someday and if I left behind some songs, that would be nice.

I have songs now I want to record. I can’t go out and play without them. I can’t spread out of town without product.

I need product. Product requires money.

I am doing rental properties that have a small commission of 250-300 bucks on average. If I can get 10 appointments per week, law of averages I should get 2-3 per week into a home. This will be close to 2500 bucks monthly that will go towards making product all while keepimg the lights on.

I will save up 10k towards my project. I will hope to raise another 5k through a kickstarter campaign.

15k is the first goal in this.

I have 7 songs that all take place in a seedy hotel. I want to tell everyone’s story there. I will tell these stories with the songs that I will record. I will film these stories of these characters. I will also find people who are like these characters and tell their stories too. We will combine all three of these elements into a movie that shows everyone, regardless of color, money or whatever all have a dream inside they have dreamed. Everyone has different dreams but everyone has a dream.

I will play these songs to whoever will listen. I will travel anywhere that will take me.

I will play music.