Picked as one of the best soundtracks of 2017 by Gigwise.com

With this indie film and its soundtrack, creator Jeff Mix and his band the Songhearts share a spellbinding story about a group of ne’re-do-wells encamped at a shady Las Vegas motel, adrawn together by gunshots that ring in the middle of the night. “You’d hock your gun for bullets before you realize I’ve got a tongue like the devil and mouth full of lies,” Mix declares early on, setting up a tale of strange circumstance and intrigue.Yet as spellbinding as this story is, the music remains warm and accessible — shimmery country rock of the most inviting variety.

-Lee Zimmerman, Gigwise U.K. December 1, 2017

The full movie Lost Vegas Hiway is now available for free on YouTube! Please watch and share!