Welcome to my first post for those would like to know what the hell is happening.

Twitter is just 140 characters and Facebook gets annoying. So in order to say enough and not in the wrong place I thought I’d start a blog.

It’s a little refreshing, because as a real estate agent, blogs are for getting business. This is for me and not much more. Music is for me. I have loved music my entire life and it’s taken 40+ years to wake up. So to operate from a place that’s true, this is good.

I’ve got a plan.

I want to play music. I want to be good at music. I want to write good and honest songs. I want to play them to people who will like them and to people who will like me. I will die someday and if I left behind some songs, that would be nice.

I have songs now I want to record. I can’t go out and play without them. I can’t spread out of town without product.

I need product. Product requires money.

I am doing rental properties that have a small commission of 250-300 bucks on average. If I can get 10 appointments per week, law of averages I should get 2-3 per week into a home. This will be close to 2500 bucks monthly that will go towards making product all while keepimg the lights on.

I will save up 10k towards my project. I will hope to raise another 5k through a kickstarter campaign.

15k is the first goal in this.

I have 7 songs that all take place in a seedy hotel. I want to tell everyone’s story there. I will tell these stories with the songs that I will record. I will film these stories of these characters. I will also find people who are like these characters and tell their stories too. We will combine all three of these elements into a movie that shows everyone, regardless of color, money or whatever all have a dream inside they have dreamed. Everyone has different dreams but everyone has a dream.

I will play these songs to whoever will listen. I will travel anywhere that will take me.

I will play music.